Sunday, 6 January 2013

Outfits for 16 inch baby doll - part 3

Well, here we are at the start of yet another new year - where does all the time go? Now that Christmas is over I can post the patterns from my knitted presents - didn't want to give too much away beforehand!
First, the rest of the doll's clothes patterns, started in November. Pattern for a vintage look sweater to follow. 

Dress, jacket and bonnet

4-ply yarn in white (W) and red (R)
Pair size 3.25 mm (UK 10) needles
Pair size 3 mm (UK 11) needles
2 small buttons

Shirring elastic (to match leggings)
Pair 3.5 mm (UK 10) knitting needles

3 mm crochet hook

7 sts to 1 inch over st st

To fit a 15 to 16 in baby doll: chest 11.5 in, waist 12 in, sleeve seam 3 in, head circumference 12 in.

Abbreviations: see vest pattern


With 3.25 mm needles and W, cast on 120 sts. K 3 rows.
Change to R and work 4 rows in st st, then 2 rows g st in W. Do not break off yarn, but carry up the side of the work.
Continue working 4 rows st st in R, then 2 rows g st in W, until work measures 3.5 in. Cast on 2 sts at start of next 2 rows. Continue to work in patt, working 4 sts in g st at each end of every row until work measures 5 in, ending with a R stripe.
Next row: Using W, K4, (K2 tog, K1) to last 6 sts, K2 tog, K4 (85 sts).

Work 3 more rows in g st using W, making buttonhole 3 sts from end of 3rd row. To make buttonhole, work y fwd, K2 tog.
Change to R, break off W and work 2 rows st st.
Divide for armholes: K 21, cast off 4, K 35, cast of 4, K 21.

Next row: K 4, P 15, K2 tog, turn. Working on these 20 sts only, dec 1 st at start of next and following alt rows until 18 sts remain. Work 16 rows straight in st st, maintaining g st border and working another buttonhole on 7th of these rows.

Cast off 6 sts at start of next 2 alt rows (shoulder edge), P 1 row, cast off rem 6 sts.

Rejoin yarn to next st on needle, P2 tog, P 31, P2 tog, turn and work on these 33 sts.

Dec 1 st at each end of next and alt rows until 27 sts remain. Work 7 rows straight in st st.

Divide for neck: K 12, cast off 3, K 12. Working on last 12 sts, dec 1 st at neck edge of next 3 alt rows (9 sts). Work 3 rows straight. Cast off 4 sts at start of next row, work 1 row, cast off rem 5 sts.

Rejoin yarn and work other side of front neck on next 12 sts to match.

Rejoin yarn to rem 21 sts and work left back to match right back above.

With W, pick up 42 sts around armhole, work 4 rows in g st and cast off. Repeat for other armhole.

Neck finishing and ties: Join shoulder seams. With 3 mm crocket hook and W, work 5 in chain, work 1 row double crochet around neck edge, then 5 in chain.

Join back seam, overlapping extensions. Neaten buttonholes and attach buttons to correspond.


Using 3.5 mm needles and W, cast on 70 sts. Work 3 rows g st in W, then work 34 rows in patt as for dress

Cast off. Join back seam.

With 3 mm crochet hook and W, work 6 in chain. Work 1 row double crochet around neck edge, then another 6 in chain. Darn in ends.


The pattern for these was taken from Claire’s leggings pattern (Claire at - her patterns are in various sizes and suitable for premature babies too).


  1. I love this doll outfit in red and white ! Is the pattern for the jacket also available please ?

    1. OOps! You're right, I haven't put it on. I'll try and correct this in the next couple of days - thanks for letting me know.

    2. I would like the jacket to complete the outfit for the doll , is it ready yet ?

  2. I still would like the jacket to complete the outfit for the doll , is it ready yet ?

  3. Is this worked on straight or circulars, please?