Monday, 22 July 2013

Pirate backpack

Well, summer has finally made an appearance - we haven't had weather like this since 2006! It's far too hot for knitting, so I've been sewing instead - I have a ceiling fan in my sewing room!
The inspiration for this backpack came from the pirate applique motif which I bought ages ago - my granddaughter was into pirates at the time (and thankfully still is as the bag's for her). I didn't want to use it on clothing as she grows out of things so fast, so I hit upon the idea of a bag. Having scoured the Internet, I came across this pattern on the Heart of Mary page here - the original name was the City Backpack. Perfect - a nice neat size that, with adjustable straps, will grow with her.
I followed the pattern fairly closely, starting by cutting a paper pattern - I didn't fancy trying to draw outlines on black denim. I changed the construction method in some places but basically it's as per the pattern given. Both the fabrics came from my favourite online fabric store, Chawla's ; the motif, the red cord for the drawstring and the toggle and strap sliders from my local fabric store, Oakmount Mill in Burnley. The giant red button, which I was struggling to find a use for, was a freebie from an online order. I made a loop to fasten it by inserting a piece of elastic into the seam attaching the top flap lining and the flap itself.
Here's the finished backpack.

The finished Pirate Backpack
Skull and crossbones lining!

Back view showing adjustable straps

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